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An ideal car exists for every budget and lifestyle. You just need to find yours. AutoTempest brings together the most used car listings from all the top sources on the web, helping you find your ideal car, wherever it might be listed.

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Car Buying Advice Guides

When you have the right skills and information, the car buying process is easy and enjoyable. Here are some of the guides we've put together to help you on your way to buying your ideal car.

New Car Prices

New Car Buying Guides

Car Auctions

Government or police auctions are a great way to save, but it's important to know what to watch out for. Our guide to car auctions will show you what to keep an eye out for.

We personally tried a number of sites, and found only one that we would recommend to you, based on quality, price, and reliability:

GovernmentAuctions.org provides easy access to all local and online vehicle auctions, and offers a free trial. We highly recommend trying them out.


Read more about shipping options and even how to transport a car for free!

History Reports

We talk a lot about the importance of getting a vehicle history report before committing to buying a car. Here are the best history report packages we've found:

Read more:

Extended Warranties

A used car extended warranty can offer peace of mind, but are they worth it? Read our guide to extended warranties to find out. (Hint: it depends.)


If you're not shopping around for car insurance, you could be giving away hundreds of dollars a year. See how much you could be saving...

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